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What to Look for When Hiring a Refinisher 
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What to Look for When Hiring a Refinisher

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When shopping for a restoration, you should consider the following:


» How long have they been in business & is it a reputable shop?

Our profession is not regulated in any form. Unlike most service companies, there are few rules or regulations and little recourse for a job poorly executed.




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» How do they dispose of hazardous waste?

Every individual is responsible for his own hazardous waste for 100 years. If you hire an individual or a shop to strip or refinish your project and they are illegally dumping or disposing of waste material, you could be involved in a Hazmat cleanup based off of shop records. Always ask how the shop or individual handles waste material.


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» Ask for Individual & Commercial References

The commercial reference is probably the most important of all because of the previous question. Most companies using a restoration shop always research & qualify the shop they are using, not only for the quality of the work but also for waste management. They, like you, do not want to be involved in a Hazmat cleanup or suit.

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Ask to see examples of furniture or repairs that are similar to your project & always attempt to visit the shop you are thinking about using.